My physician referred me to Dan and Lydia at Combined Therapies. He was adamant that I should only receive therapy from this practice. Told me they are the best. And that’s what I found out for myself.

These therapists have multiple decades of experience. They are extremely thorough in their evaluation of the patient’s status. Their communication skills are as good as their physical therapy skills. They are most articulate. They are also highly effective teachers of how a patient like myself can be an essential part of the recovery, preventing recurrence, and long term strategies for improvement. Their professional practice is extremely well run with a seriousness about on-time performance that I have never encountered in any other medical practice. I had made great progress under their care and guidance. I entered their treatment in considerable distress and graduated pain free and with insights I am putting into practice about how to take better care of myself! I have had prior experience with two other PT practices and several chiropractic practices—and these professionals and fine human beings are in a class by themselves!

- John G.

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